The UK government currently seems intent on leaving the EU single market. If this happens manufacturers based outside of the UK will require the services of a UK-based economic operator if they wish to market their products in the UK. Once we leave the single market on the 1st January 2021 Authorised Representative Service can represent manufacturers outside of the UK who wish to place their products on the UK market.

Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 comes into force on the 16th July 2021 and requires one of the following - Importer, Authorised Representative (AR) or Fulfilment service provider - to be located in the UK. The Regulation makes it illegal to place certain products on the UK market unless a responsible economic operator for them is established in the UK. Manufacturers that currently sell, or offer to sell, directly to end users (both professional and consumer) in the UK, without an UK-based economic operator being involved, must appoint one before placing further products on the UK market.

How we will support you

Authorised Representative Service will act as your responsible economic operator and carry out the following obligations for you: 

  • We will verify that your UK Declaration of Conformity (or Declaration of Performance) and technical documentation has been drawn up correctly. We will keep these documents at the disposal of market surveillance authorities for the period required by that legislation and ensure that the technical documentation can be made available to those authorities upon request. 
  • Upon request from a market surveillance authority, we will provide all of the documentation necessary to demonstrate the conformity of the product. The documentation must be produced by the manufacturer in a language which can be easily understood by that authority.
  • If we have reason to believe that a product in question presents a risk, we will highlight this information to the necessary parties.
  • If a risk is identified, we will liaise with you and support you in taking immediate, necessary, corrective action to remedy any non-compliance causing the risk. 
  • As your Authorised Representative, we will provide you with our name and contact details, to place on the product, it's packaging or accompanying documentation. 

Scope of Service

Our service will apply to the following regulations and directives ( however, this is not the exhaustive list of directives which regulation 2019/1020 applies to, for full list please go to article 4.5 of the Regulation)

2006/42/EC (the Machinery Directive);

2014/35/EU (the Low Voltage Directive);

2014/30/EU (the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive);

2011/65/EU (the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive);

2014/34/EU (the ATEX Directive);

2014/68/EU (the Pressure Equipment Directive);

2014/53/EU (the Radio Equipment Directive);

2009/125/EC (the Ecodesign Directive);

(EU) No 305/2011 CPR (the Construction Products Regulation)

2009/48/EC (the Toy Safety Directive);

2016/ 425/ EU (the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation);

2001/95/EC (the General Product Safety Directive).


Please contact us to discuss pricing, it will depend upon the complexity and the number of product families (products with same technical files).

Additional Services 

The additional services listed below are offered by Conformance Ltd who have over 20 years of experience in the CE marking industry. 

Technical File Compilation/Audit

They will identify the content required for your technical file and help you to compile it.

Self Assessment

They can provide support to help you self-certify your product.

Certification Review

They will review test reports and certification data provided by your suppliers to make sure it is complete, appropriate and up to date.

PAS7100 Compliance

They will work with you to create a Product Safety Incident Plan (PSIP), so you are prepared in the instance of a safety related recall affecting users of your products. 

Recall Support

If an incident occurs they can help with management of the recall by assessing the problem with a suitable risk assessment. 

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